Stainless Steel Straight Wire Flat Screen with Uniform Slots for Mining Sifting Sieves

Cliclean supplies straight wire screens in a variety of sizes and hook configurations. This is a kind of tensioned screen combined with metal (steel or stainless steel) hooks /edges and straight wires. Widely used in mining and various dewatering treatment. Standard spacing for cross wire clusters is 6 or 12 inches. The straight wire screen is ideal to be used in both side-tensioned and end-tensioned screening equipment.

Mining Screen Mesh
Stainless Steel 304 Wire Sifting Screen with Flat Surface

Hooked wire slot screen for vibrating filtering with decreased blinding in solid control

1. Highest throughput of any wire screen
2. Decreased blinding
3. Available in premium oil-tempered Xtreme wire or stainless steel
4. Factory-tested for uniform tension

Opening construction:
Square opening
Rectangular slot
Long Slot triple shoot or double shoot
Long Slot triple or five shoot
Fine mesh wire cloth

Order Information:

Specify actual dimension of space between inside faces of adjacent parallel wires.
Mesh openings: Mesh is the number of openings per lineal inch, counting from wire center to the next parallel wire center.
Be sure to specify wire diameter. For sieve screens, you can specify a sieve number instead of a mesh number.
Slots: For other than square opening screens, specify whether long dimension of slot is perpendicular to or parallel to the hook strips.

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